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What is “SocialPhotos”?

SocialPhotos is a social networking application for photography lovers that is based on smart phone, web 2.0, and cloud technologies. With SocialPhotos, users can share their photos, as well as view, rate, and comment on other’s photos from any smartphone or HTML5 web browser. Smartphones, including Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone, provide access to photos from mobiles. Not only can you take and upload a photo from your smartphone, but you can also tag a photo with information about the location where photo is taken. Based on these tags, you can search for photos takes in a specific location.
Because SocialPhotos maintains your photos in the cloud, you won’t lose your photos, even if you lose your smartphone. In the cloud, your photos are protected and backed-up by our high-availability Windows Azure-based cloud computing services.

The idea for a “SocialPhotos” service was initiated by Cuong Trinh to demonstrate the Microsoft cloud services platform of WCF Data Services/OData, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Windows Phone, as well as other non-Microsoft technologies, including Google Android, Apple iOS, HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery. The team plans to demonstrate how these technologies, by aligning around the Open Data Protocol (OData), can provide a seamless, multi-platform user experience.

The text is edited by Glenn Gailey for better readability. Thanks Glenn for your support and first sample code.


Dear all,

On behalf of SocialPhotos team, I would like to inform you that: two founders of SocialPhotos have found a new start up TechMaster Vietnam, At the moment, we are so busy  to deliver some projects to our customers. There is only one guy is still working on this project, Trung (

We still have strong interest in SocialPhotos. Two founders will continue to improve it in short future.

Please stay tune - We will be back!


Windows Phone Emulator


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