What is “SocialPhotos”?

SocialPhotos is a social networking application for photography lovers. It bases on smart phone, web 2.0 and cloud technology. Joining SocialPhotos, people who have smartphone (Windows Phone, Android, iPhone) or HTML5 web browser can share their photos and view, rate, commend on photos of other members. The smart phone provides great mobility user experience user. He/she not only shoots a photo but can tag this photo with location where photo is taken. User may search for a colletion photos which are within a specific location.
What happens if a user lost his/her phone? No problem, since he/she put his/her photos on the storage clouds. The photos will be protected and backup in high avaialablity cloud computing service.
The “SocialPhotos” is not new idea. It is initiated by Cuong Trinh to demo Microsoft WCF Data Service/OData, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Windows Phone and many other technologies such as Google Android, Apple iOS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery. The team wants to prove that many technologies can work together seamlessly.

The demo “SocialPhotos” were collectively built by following developers:
- Nguyen Hoang Ha wrote Odata service at server side using WCF Data Service, ADO.net Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL Server 2008 R2 File Stream and SQL Azure. Ha also maintained source code of whole project. Ha is Team Foundation Server MVP 2010-2011.
- Nguyen Quang Trung wrote Windows Phone client which consumes OData service. Trung is technical assistance of Microsoft Vietnam DPE team.
- Ngo Xuan Huy wrote Android client which consumes Odata service. Huy is talented Android developer. He is author is most downloaded app called “Money Lover”. Huy was born in 1990, youngest member in team.
- Nguyen Thanh Hung wrote iOS client which consume Odata. Hung is iOs self taught developer. He started his Apple passion with an Intel dualcore Hackintosh PC.
- Nguyen Thanh Tung designed UI using Microsoft Expression Blend. Tung is experienced SilverLight RIA business app developer.
- Trinh Minh Cuong is spec writer for this app. Cuong code web site and design database. He is strong motivator for whole team.

Please see SocialPhotos solution structure for detail how to check-in and check-out source code

SocialPhotos OData description

How to configure IIS 7.5 to support DELETE method

How to deploy SocialPhotos web service

Some GUI Prototype of SocialPhotos app in Windows Phone 7.1 Emulator

Android, IOS clients are almost done. Will update soon.

Team Leader: Trinh Minh Cuong (minhcuong@gmail.com). Please contact if you want to join the team to expand the device which connects to Odata.

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