Our Odata Webservice bases on XML protocol. Clients invoke webservice via following urls. This webservice is exposed to internet users at address: http://techmaster.dyndns.biz/SocialPhotos. The local address of server is

Here are methods and urls can be used:






public void like(int id); 


Say that I like this photo. This invoking action will increase Like value of photoId.


public void dislike(int id); 


Say that I dislike this photo. This invoking action will increase Dislike value of photoId.

public IQueryable<Photo> getTodayPhotos();


Get today uploaded photos

public IQueryable<Photo> getPhotosByCategoryID(int id) ;


Get photos belonging to a category

public IQueryable<Photo> getPhotosByUserID(int id) ;


Get photos uploaded by a specific user



Get XML description of all photos.



Get XML description of a photo.



GET MLE of a photo



Get a photo directly from a url (just like browser)


http://localhost/SocialPhotos/Thumbnail.ashx?f= fileName

Get the thumbnail of a photo



View and upload photos via web protocol



This is url for uploading by POST method.

If you need add location of photos, you can add field "longitude" and "latitude" to data.


public IQueryable<Photo> getRandomPhotos(int number);


Get 6 random photos



Get top [number] rated photos


Post comment for a photos. Http method should be POST. Data includes following fields: userId, photoId, comment.

If you get any difficulity to post comments, please take a glance at my simple webservice consumer written in windows form.


   http://techmaster.dyndns.biz/SocialPhotos/PhotoCloud.svc/Comments?$filter=Photo/Id eq 19$orderby=PostedTime Get comments of a photo that has Id = 19







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