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SocialPhotos solutions contains following projects:
1- ArchitectSocialPhotos. Owner: Cuong. Purpose: design UML user cases
2- DataModel. Owner: Cuong, but will pass to Ha. Purpose: define EF model for SocialPhoto cloud.
3- SocialPhotos: Owner: Cuong, but will pass to An. Purpose: Publish Internet web site and OData service of SocialPhoto cloud.
4- TestModel: Owner: Cuong but will pass to Ha. Purpose: Init data and verify DataModel.
5- WPhone71. Owner: Trung. Purpose: WindowsPhone client to consume OData
6- Android. Owner: Huy. Purpose: Android client to consume OData.
7- iOS: Owner: Hung. Purpose: iOS client to consume OData.
8- Sketch. Owner: Tung. Purpose: Use Expression Sketch Flow to design prototype GUI of smart phone client and web site of SocialPhotos.

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nguyenhoangha Oct 3, 2011 at 5:52 PM 
Ha has received and now be able to control DataModel & TestModel